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Sharing Photos With Picasa 3.9 Straight to Google Plus

Sharing Photos With Picasa 3.9 Straight to Google Plus - After successful marry off some of its products, Google is now holding back the product for its flagship products attached to the function of social networks, Google Plus. Picasa 3.9, which is the latest update of Picasa now finally been equipped with features photo sharing and tagging your friends in Google Plus.

If you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Picasa are you will find the area "Share on Google Plus" that can facilitate you to share photos with your friends on Google Plus.

Tagging photos to your friends now also become very possible through this latest Picasa. The first dropdown menu contains only Gmail contacts have now been equipped with the names of your friends on Google Plus, so it would be very easy for you to mentagging your friends via Picasa without the bother go to your Google Plus page.

With the support reaches 2048 px resolution images as well as a facility to upload all your photos for free, fast and very easy, certainly can be used as an alternative storage place your photographs. What are you waiting you can immediately go to the Picasa page to download Picasa 3.9.

Sharing Photos With Picasa 3.9 Straight to Google Plus
Face Recognition feature for G+ Photo Tagging

Face Recognition feature for G+ Photo Tagging - If you are interested activities fun and likes to take pictures to upload your photos through Google Plus you should be happy because now Google Plus has launched a new feature, Find My Face. Matt Steiner, head of the team Photos Google Plus in a post on Google Plus declared about the launch of Google Plus the latest features,

At holiday time, perhaps many of us who spend time with friends and family, and certainly as I do, a lot of photographs that we capture at these times. Tagging a lot of photos must be very tiring. And now, we're launching the Find My Face, a special way that allows us to tag photos of ourselves and our friends.
By enabling this feature allows the Find My Face Google Plus "recognize" your face and automatically recommend to your friends to mentag you when your face is contained in a photograph. Of course, Google Plus also provides controls for you to accept or reject such tagging.

If you do not want a face recognition application is active, you can also easily change this setting Find My Face on Google Plus Settings page.

According to Matt Steiner features Find My Face is still in the phase of a phased launch of new and perhaps you find on some days to come, so for those of you who want to try this new feature you still have to be patient.

Face Recognition feature for G+ Photo Tagging